Element: Handmade Organic Ceramics






Heather Knight is a ceramics artist from Ashville, NC, United States. For my opinion she don’t creates craft items…she creates pieces of art! Every her vase, plate, tile is perfect, every piece is absolutely esthetically fantastic. Her creations seems pieces of nature, they remember me leafs or tree bark or sea elements. I love this objects because are simply but very elegant.

Heather Knight has a shop on etsy: Element Clay Studio  and a facebook page here.

This is the text of the “about page” of the Heather’s shop:

With my work I hope to bridge modern design and the natural world by paring down the essence of things to repetitive textures and basic form. I love the way a texture can produce the illusion of movement, the way light and shadow play with one another. Keeping the work simple, I strive to make it captivating yet universally understood. Understated and elegant, it should be able to fit in many different contexts.

I work with porcelain, as touch plays a major role in my work. The feel of the clay is something I will never be able to get away from. The texture is buttery smooth, the color a brilliant white and the working properties a constant, but rewarding challenge.

Focusing on a very limited, almost all white color palette enables me to focus more on texture and surface and calls attention to the brilliance of the clay. I am constantly searching for new hints of inspiration on walks through the woods, beach adventures and through macro photography. The natural world holds a wealth of imagery which I filter into my designs.

I am extremely dedicated to all handbuilt production, all of my items are made by hand from start to finish, each urchin bowl is pinched from a ball of clay, each vase is thrown on the wheel, each piece of texture is hand built and individually applied to a slab built form, each mark on my functional bowls is made by my hands. Every piece that leaves my studio is truly a one of a kind work.

After graduating with a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2006, I was a resident at Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts. While teaching at the Greenville County Museum of Art, I opened Element in 2007 and quickly made the transition to a full-time artist.

Through the media exposure I’ve received through my Etsy shop, I’ve been fortunate to receive attention from galleries and art lovers around the world. Even though my business has had incredible growth over the last five years, the backbone of my craft has remained the same. My work is 100% handmade and I don’t use any means of mass production.

In September 2012, the studio moved to a new location in Asheville’s River Arts District at 362 Depot Street. My husband Mike has joined me in the studio, assisting with administrative duties, shipping, photography, marketing and studio tasks. Mike has a background in visual arts; holding a BA in Art, and a 16-year career in marketing and graphic design. He is a great addition to the studio and helps make sure that all the details are taken care of.



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