Oval plate gold and light blue




Oval plate in raku pottery, metallic and changing colors. One of a kind, unique raku dish all handmade in Italy by Bottega Krua.

This is a unique raku pottery plate. Even if I applied the glaze in exactly the same way and followed the same firing schedule, the surface could never be replicated.
I love this plate because I will not be able to replicate it even if I try 1000 times!
The metallic surface it is like a mirror when I move it, it’s simply fantastic!
A dish like this it is a piece of art! It is ideal as a soap dish, home decoration, empty pockets, container. And it is a fantastic idea for a wedding gift!

What’s raku pottery?
The raku pottery is a Japanese technique created to the tea ceremony. It is a bowl handmade ideal as a soap dish, home decoration, empty pockets, container. The raku pottery is very durable because it should be cooked at 1000° and undergoes a thermal shock in the processing but it must be washed by hand and not in the dishwasher.
Craqueleur that is formed during the processing is the decorative feature of this technique and it can never be replicated in an identical manner between one object and another, for this the Raku ceramic is unique and very valuable.

colours: light blue and changing gold metallic
Measurements: approximately 7.88 x 6.3“ (20×16 cm) and 1.97″ (5 cm) in height.
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