Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

In a month since today is Christmas…Are you ready? Bottega Krua is creating a lot of new ceramics for December, 25th. I am making ornaments and candle holders.

check it out!



A creepy teapot

This teapot is a custom order for an american soldier that asked me to make something of special, creepy and artistic inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. It is a unique teapot in white clay, painted and glazed. For me it was easy to find the inspiration because I am a Tim Burton’s fan too. The teapot is created by free hand. I would like to know what my readers think about it, so let me know! thanks

Veterans day. Remember all who served

Today the United States celebrate the Veterans Day for say thanks to all who served. Personally the most of my customers are soldiers and army families, so I am very close with the U.S. Army, they are great customers and they are always excited about my ceramics. In two years that I am working in Vicenza, I knew a lot of people from the States, everyone with a different story. They usually give me great ideas for my creations and I am always happy to satisfy their requests and talk with them. I found good friends and I share a lot of experiences with them. So I can say that my first country is Italy but my second one is USA. #merica #murica #usarmy

I really love make military mugs knowing that my american customers can start a good day drinking their coffee with my mugs!

Only for beer lovers

Sincerely I don’t like beer but most of people likes it…So during a saturday night spent with some friends in Vicenza they said me: “Usually what do we like? Beer…so you have to make beer steins”. ” Ok, I said…but what size is better?” . And obviously they said: “Absolutely one liter size!”.

So I started to make beer steins. This is the result. What do you think? Leave me your comments. Thanks.


Would you order a pesonalized stein? contact me